I don't mean to brag, but I've been a proponent of clean energy technologies since before they were “cool.” It has always been important to me that we develop alternative energy sources to coal and oil, which have been proven to contribute to climate change and have other noxious effects on people and the environment. Many of my earliest entrepreneurial projects were in the alternative energy sector, and I continue to work today with companies and leaders who want to impact the way we create, consume, and store energy. I would be thrilled to see coal and nuclear power replaced entirely by cleaner new technologies within my lifetime.

Energy systems are everywhere around us, and I don't mean just power lines and oil pipelines. Energy is in everything — everything moves, down to the tiniest atoms in our bodies, which are constantly vibrating against each other. Nothing is static. Even the biggest boulders and plates of steel are vibrating with unseen energy. Even our bodies have their own electrical systems, which regulate the processes that allow us to think, to move, indeed to live.

I'm intrigued by many changes in the alternative energy systems that are becoming available today. In particular, I want to talk about one tremendously exciting company that is working to change the way we store energy. Their work inspires me on both a practical and philosophical level.

Exergonix Incorporated: Releasing Energy to the World 

Exergonix is a Lee's Summit, MO, company with brilliant leadership that is pioneering innovative, high-tech storage solutions for energy. Their patented technology draws on nano-battery cell design to achieve incredible energy density, providing optimum power with responsiveness, durability, and safety that is unmatched in the market. Hundreds of their batteries are currently in service, including a 1Mw battery which has been in service at the KCPL Green Impact Zone SmartGrid demonstration site for over four years. They are inspired by the belief that,

“Energy storage and renewable technologies are essential to the evolution of a smarter decentralized grid structure that will help the Earth alleviate its dependency on fossil fuels and save the environment for our children.”

What many people don't know about current alternative energy technologies such as wind and solar is that, while they effectively create cleaner energy and alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels, their interface with current electric grid systems is not optimal. Because they provide intermittent energy (only when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining), they can create fluctuations in power output which can be disruptive to the user or the grid as a whole.

Exergonix' Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is able to not only store massive amounts of energy, but also act as a regulator, smoothing over the rough transitions and fluctuations in power output from many alternative energy generators. In this way, it enables clean energy sources to not only be favorable when compared to conventional sources (power plants) but to interface smoothly with the electric grid.

The Benefits of Energy Consistency

This is where my appreciation for the work being done by Exergonix becomes a bit more philosophical. I find the idea of establishing consistency in the electricity, or energy, between a singular system such as a solar array or wind turbine and the whole grid incredibly intriguing. Think of how this parallels the way we interact as individuals and as a community. As I've already mentioned, each of our bodies is an electrical system of its own, so how do these electrical systems interact with each other? And can we, as Exergonix does, smooth over the differences in our energy fields to enable better communication, more harmonious relationships, and healthier communities or companies?

I've written before about the HeartMath Institute and their work in the area of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HeartMath embraces the fact that our hearts produce our bodies' most powerful electromagnetic field, and that these fields do interact with each other, whether we are near or far. Our emotions affect this electromagnetic field, and can produce states of coherence or non-coherence, in which our HRV is either consistent and calm or chaotic and erratic. Coherence, the consistent and calm state, enables us to communicate from our heart, understand others and allow them to understand us in turn, and create and sustain healthier and stronger relationships.

Connecting with Pure Energy

When we pay attention to and respect energy, we take more control over our lives and relationships. When we choose to consume less fossil fuels and do our part to lessen our impact on the environment, we contribute to our own health and the health of the world. When we take the time to understand, cultivate, and share our own “clean energy” with each other and our communities, we do the same. I'm proud to have advised and led a team to install a 75 Kw solar energy system at Unity Temple on the Plaza — a small step toward my goal!?

Are you ready to embrace the energy that is all around you?

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