Franz Kafka once expressed that “Writing is the highest form of prayer.”

I am not a writer, but as I have grown to accept the authorship of my own life story, I have somehow come to accept myself as a closet author. Writing, like prayer and meditation, requires deep reflection. For many years, my primary place of reflection was the church. While that often still holds true, I’ve also carved out a metaphysical space of my own in which to pray and write. I call it the Potencia Café.

The Sacred Space of Enlightenment

In Spanish, potencia means power, but can also be used to express potential, capacity, energy, and potency. It is a fitting name, because the café is a place where we can explore all of these aspects of ourselves.

The metaphorical Potencia Café can exist in reality at our favorite coffee shop, bookstore, place of worship, or anywhere we find peace. For me, the sensory enjoyment of fresh coffee or tea awakens a pleasurable remembrance of my place, my time; the soothing feeling that it’s “OK” to be me. It is this thought of “acceptance” that unleashes my true potential. Awareness of our true self happens in the quiet, when we put our heart at peace. This is what the café, metaphorical or otherwise, provides us. This peace is a choice, a decision we can enjoy in a nanosecond, once aware of our potencia.

Understanding Our Essence

Our ego can convince us that we are less than whole, never complete. The metaphorical café allows the frame of mind we need to cast off the notion that we are anything other than true manifestations of Spirit. I believe the human experience is constructed for those of us who need reminding that we are of one true essence. We and God are reflexive, complimentary branches of the same tree. When we realize that we are one with the universal essence, we awaken to life with a new sense of responsibility and potential.

On earth we are sent a curveball, an ego that competes with this notion of oneness. Our ego encourages us to see ourselves as separate, or in competition with one another. Yet it is in this so-called competition of thought that enables us to see the very café we are intended to see and experience. Contrast yields learning. True learning inspires. Inspiration is the spirit’s role and her role is most often played out in the café, when we acknowledge a truth within.

In the quiet of the café, I dismiss distress, I mock it. I form a derisive smile toward the anxiety that can have such a grip on me. This seemingly real grip can evaporate like steam when I reject the notion that fear should rule my life. The café teaches me it isn’t so. The experience of solitude and reflection reverses the grip of self deception, that thought that I am “less than.” My ego fights back wildly, seeking its just due, but it is the café and my newfound, deep confidence that it exists that springs me back to life. It is from this place that I begin to write.

Finding Our Café

Unabridged, unadulterated self love is the path to that peace, and in the café, a forgiveness arises which eviscerates any thought that we were, or are, less than whole, completely of God and in unity with each other. Individual, self awareness opens these floodgates. It allows us to recognize that it is each of our respective jobs to first understand ourselves and then become beacons of light to illuminate the path for others, not with pompous preaching but with an authenticity so real that its true source is unmistakable.

I am not perfect, yet. I know I can be and I know there is another path, one that consistently leads me to higher knowledge and a higher self. The café is the antithesis of strain, stress, and human resentments. The café is Coherence, a heart rhythm in balance, being in sync with the Universe. The ego can advise us of our prettiness or call us ugly, right from the same mirror. But the Universe, the spirit of the café, never conspires against us.

St. Francis of Assisi was an intriguing and celebrated orator. He became much sought after and was once asked to make a long hike across town to deliver a talk. The party requesting his presence asked him if he minded the long walk, to which St. Francis replied,

“What good is the preaching if it is not found in the walking?”

This writing is my prayer, my preaching, and my walking. My potential is no different than yours. My Potencia Café is simply my awakening.

I invite you to join me there, or find the café that suits you best.