Living in Balance: Mind and Body

Wise human cultures have often viewed the world around them in binary terms. Think of Taoism and the yin and yang energies that it postulates are moving throughout every living system. When in balance, these energies provide harmony. The Divine order of the universe, its ideal state, is balance. As human beings, I believe we were put here to respect that balance, to preserve it, and to recognize that living our own lives in proper balance gives us the potential for immeasurable strength, health, and peace.

Seeking and Creating Balance

As I wrote in a recent blog, Neuroscience and the Ability to Change, it takes real effort and dedication to change our habits in search of balance, but it can be done. Through awareness and practice, we can consciously train our thoughts and our energies away from lack, despair, anxiety, frustration, fear, regret, or guilt towards peace, plenty, acceptance, gratefulness, and hope. When we do so, we give ourselves the gift of spiritual balance, which can improve our relationships and our health.

pH: The Body in Balance

One scientific measure of human body balance is pH. The acronym pH stands for potential” hydrogen. It is an energetic expression by its very nature. Remember learning that pH in balance is called homeostasis? Our bodies constantly strive for homeostasis – they work tirelessly towards achieving this balance. Our body pH as an indicator may give us a clue about how to find balance in our thoughts.

The foods and drinks we ingest have a value either on the acid side or the alkaline side of the pH balance midpoint and therefore affect our body pH. A glass of water from a municipal facility strives for 7.0 on the pH scale, near homeostasis. A soft drink like Coke or Pepsi has a pH of roughly 3.0. The soft drink is exponentially more acidic than the glass of water! Since the body is in constant need of balance, pH balance in this case, it will need to find corresponding alkalinity from someplace to restore balance. Our body will leach the minerals from our very bones if it must to maintain relative homeostasis.

This balance plays out in our bodies at the molecular level as well. Think of the electric charge of ions, the + sign and the – sign, as markers. The – charge is alkaline, the + charge is acidic. These same ions make batteries function by separating then reconnecting these charges. The same thing goes on in the body. Water itself contains these ions and unlike any other substance in the world the shifting ions in water, unseen by us, form ice, vapor, and liquid. Water is a battery, storing energy!! Our bodies are 70% water – we are batteries, storing energy, charging and discharging.

Balance and Disease

When our body pH is in balance we are better able to avoid disease. When the pH scale is tipped to one side or the other, we are more prone to disease. A body out of balance as measured by pH will struggle to regain that balance. The tipping of the scale is most often on the acid side of the equation, indeed many doctors claim “acidosis” is at the root of most modern disease. Alcohol, coffee, and soda are acidic. Vegetables, especially leafy greens, are alkaline.

The Power of our Thoughts

Diseases, both of the body and the mind, are a result of imbalance. Unhappiness, anxiety, lack of inspiration, and many other common struggles all can stem from imbalance and create further imbalance. Miracle mindedness, the belief that change is possible through embracing the power of our thoughts, shows us a new way to look at our situation. Our thoughts, when we consciously strive for balance, can perhaps cure what ails us. These thoughts are MATTER, material things with the same +/- charges as our food! Our thoughts contribute to our ill health or well being. Quantum physics, modern day science, validates this simple notion, which was understood by all wise cultures of our past.  

Knowing this information and putting these cards on the table helps guide my decisions in what I eat and drink, how I react to others, and why my meditation and spirit-filled thoughts are critical to my work. As a coach and mentor, I strive to maintain balance in myself and to help others identify where they tend to lose their balance. Through this awareness and conscious effort, we can grow together, create balance, and achieve the health, the peace, and collective energetic potential that we seek.