We’ve been lucky to have a relatively mild winter in Kansas City this year, and an early spring as well. Even so, the advancing of the seasons is a powerful time of change in our environment and in ourselves. Spring in particular has great power for me as a time of rebirth and renewal. The greater amount of sunshine and the re-emergence of plant life changes the energy of the world around us, and that of course affects our minds and bodies in turn.

I’ve been especially in need of renewal this spring, as I’ve been recovering from a minor skiing mishap during the winter, which left me in an ankle boot on my right foot and a sling on my left arm. I’m healing well and regaining mobility quickly, but it was a difficult recovery, in part because of my lack of energy during the winter months. With everything dormant and barren around me, my energy state was low as well. I’ve been exhausted and looking forward to spring and the energetic renewal it brings.

Energy Medicine

One very valuable resource to me in my recovery has been Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine. Donna is an alternative healer and an internationally recognized proponent of energetic healing who also leads workshops that are attended by doctors, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals. In her book, she discusses wellness not in regard to sickness and health but a continuous energetic revival that allows us to harness and direct our natural healing energy.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

– Albert Szent-Györgyi, MD , Nobel Laureate in Medicine

In the tradition of acupuncture, yoga, and qi gong, Energy Medicine addresses the flow or blockage of our natural energy fields in order to promote wellness and the bodies’ natural ability to heal itself. This energy is called “qi” or “chi” in traditional Chinese medicine, meaning “life force” or “energy flow,” and as “prana” in yoga and traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine. It is a concept that goes back to the beginning of written human history and continues to be a powerful component of modern eastern medicine. I find recognizing and seeking to improve my own energy systems an invaluable part of maintaining my physical and mental health and well-being.

Subtle Energy Theory

The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which I’ve discussed previously on this blog, is a great resource for information on subtle energy healing. Subtle energy refers to the energy systems of the body. One of the most common ways of thinking about this system involves our seven chakras. An important component of Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions, the chakras are points in the subtle energy system that connect our physical body with our energy system, which exists outside the body in what is often called an “auric field.”

The chakras are known by different names in different disciplines, but have strong associations with different colors, vibrational frequencies, and even minerals. As you can see in the images above, the seven chakras also correlate with energy fields outside of our bodies. The state of this energy field can be helpful to energy healers as they diagnose blockages in the energy system that can lead to health problems or issues such as anxiety and depression. Energy medicine focuses on removing these blocks and restoring the healthy flow of energy through the body in order to promote health.

If you’re in or near Kansas City, you can check out Aquarius Books on 39th and Broadway, also called “Kansas City’s Store for Conscious Living.” They have many books and products that are helpful in engaging consciously with our bodies’ subtle energy, and even offer aura photography (also known as Kirlian photography) and analysis. You can take a look at your Auric System and find out where your energy is strong or weak.

There are many ways to address energy imbalances at home. Practicing yoga and meditation are two methods of improving energy circulation that have been in use for ages. Pressure points on the hands and feet can also be used to activate certain energies. As the energy around us continues to change, get curious about your own subtle energy. I hope this spring is bringing you a renewal of energy as well!

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