Have you ever felt an intense connection to another person? Whether it’s love, a common passion for something, or an intense period of productive collaboration, we all experience moments of connection like this. We can call it chance that leads to these moments, but that denies the possibility that we are in control of these connections and can do our part to make them happen more regularly. The Institute of HeartMath, which I’ve introduced previously, works to find opportunities for the kind of deep engagement that makes great things happen and the tools that help us get there.


The Institute of HeartMath employs the term “energetics” to describe the body’s energy systems, which we can’t see or touch. This is another way of thinking about the subtle energy systems that I discussed in my last blog post. I’ve also written about the phenomenon of “coherence” vs. “non-coherence” — the alignment or mis-alignment of our hearts and minds. When we are coherent, we are calm, centered, and able to access our full creative power. Non-coherence, by contrast, is a state of stress or confusion that impedes our ability to think clearly and maintain emotional clarity.

HeartMath maintains that positive feelings such as gratitude and compassion are triggers for coherence. Consider for a moment a time when you felt an ease of communication and a strong relationship with another person. Odds are that compassion played a role in making that relationship or moment of connection possible.

When we find ourselves at odds with another person, compassion is probably absent from the equation. Approaching important or difficult conversations, negotiations, or decisions from a state of compassion and coherence is a choice we can make to increase our connection to another person. It enables a dialogue that is productive and edifying for everyone.


A new video from the Institute of HeartMath delves into “The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence,” saying,

“When we shift into a coherent state, the heart and brain operate synergistically. We can learn how to activate and sustain this energy… and prevent stress-producing patterns, increasing our mental clarity and discernment capacity. When we do this, our creative solutions for personal, social, and global challenges become more accessible…”

Imagine the power this kind of high-level creative problem solving could have on the world if more people were dedicated to having coherent dialogue based on compassion and the desire to connect. HeartMath is proving that these conversations don’t happen by accident, and we can make the intentional choice to approach each other from a place of coherence. Creating a natural, intuitive connection is a matter of finding resonance between our heart energies. As the video states,

“Research confirms that when an individual is in heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic energy field… A growing body of scientific evidence suggest that when there is coherent group cooperation, it results in increased flow, effectiveness, and the potential for higher outcomes. Group participants are not only in-sync, but are communicating on an unseen, energetic level.


The transformative power of coherence is incredibly exciting to me. It empowers us to make our lives better and in turn affect those around us though positive, heart-based communication. If more and more people were to make the choice to approach each other with compassion and gratitude, in a coherent state, the impact on our overall social coherence and even global coherence would be profound.

Think about the way your relationship to your heart and mind impacts your life and your relationships. Making the choice to approach each interaction from a place of compassion can only have a positive effect. The more we chose to cultivate positive instead of negative energetic relationships with those around us, the better off we will all be.

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(image source: jodiannemsmith.com)