What is heroism? Who is a hero? As a culture, we’ve come to understand heroes as people with super-human abilities, people from comic books or blockbuster movies. Heroes serve as magnets, they draw us in, they bind us to common purpose. They are highly charged.

To be heroic is to live into one’s full potential. I know in writing this that some may simply read “potential” as a metaphorical word, but I use it here as an energetic expression, as electrical engineers would convey complete electrical charge. Potential in this context means all ions of an electrical charge are affixed to a pole and organized to provide the highest electrical output.

Creating Heroic Energy Through Alignment of Purpose

We are not simply flesh and blood, we are energy! Energy propels us in all that we do. Here’s the cool thing about electricity – it flows in both directions. It is not linear. When we are fully charged from being in alignment with our true selves, we gather ions and empower our physical being to achieve feats beyond our normal comprehension.

The universe sends us energy in the form of electrical ions every moment. Whether we are conscious of our choice or not, we choose to go with this flow or against it. We were built to receive this electrical energy and to serve as a conduit, permitting the universe’s energy to flow through us like a repeater, a transformer accepting the most subtle of electrical energies and converting it to our body’s needs and uses, then transmitting that energy outward. Energy begets energy! It is never “consumed” without being sent forth or activated to another form of energy. We choose, perhaps subconsciously, whether to “resist” the flow, this natural order, or to go with it.

Therefore, living up to our “potential” is an expression of “physics and electrical engineering” as much as it is of “philosophy.” For me, these disciplines are co-mingled and very much one in the same. They are interwoven expressions of the life force.

Overcoming Limitations: or, Ascending the Ledge

Joseph Chilton Pearce is one of the greatest philosophers of our time. He tells of an event in his life where he acted in defiance of common physics. Sitting with a group of friends at a seaside picnic, Pearce had gone to the edge of a grassy area where they were eating only to see empty air beneath him. The edge on which he stood was a ledge, land projecting out over the beach below. He went for a walk below the ledge with a friend, and upon their return Pearce thrust himself up the cantilever ledge, grabbing at whatever brush material held the sandy material to the overhang. When he popped up and over to re-join the picnic, the others mouths dropped open. The friend he had walked the path down with reported to the group that the horizontal cantilever he had somehow scaled was twenty feet, not upward, but parallel to the beach below! Pearce asserts that he achieved such a feat by being oblivious to fear or doubt that what he was attempting was even doable.

His potential was supercharged; he accomplished this feat without thinking, rather by just doing. He relates this story in his book The Biology of Transcendence to make the point that we are limited by our learned beliefs. He achieved this feat because he was ignorant of any belief that might keep him from achieving an extraordinary result, in large measure because he did not deem it unachievable.

Perhaps that’s what a miracle is – our spiritual essence overcoming the doubt and limitation of our physical form. If not for our doubt, we could all achieve such great things. Removing doubt creates new possibility, new energy.

Unleashing Our Potential

This “power” lies within each of us. The energy particles that can create the power within are divine. The protons, neutrons, and electrons emanate from the universe and are there and available for our alignment. As the disparate ions flow to and through us, we make a choice to align them for our greater potential or to disrupt their divine flow. We are the transformers; we can take the raw energetic particles and convert them to a greater power, or slough them off and create resistance.

Heroes persevere; they seek alignment of their energies and achieve the “impossible.” They show us a way to live our own potential. It is up to us to take inspiration from the heroes in our lives; they can help us take ownership of our story and find alignment with our true purpose. Who is your hero? Do you witness their energy conversion? Do they invite you to join them?