My Unique Approach

I believe that exploration of both the heart and mind is key to achieving clarity of vision and building sustainable business relationships.


I provide one on one coaching to a limited number of clients who are ready  to engage in a co-creative process aimed at improving their clarity of vision. After 30 years of successfully operating a large business enterprise, I pursued my passion to coach others to their success and trained to do so. From my own business experience and my 5 years in coaching, I understand there are no quick adjustments, no short term fixes. The minimum commitment term is thirty days, priced as a package that includes multiple conversations, unlimited email and unlimited text.

My training includes:

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The purpose of my speeches, whatever the topic or venue, is to provoke audiences to think, and to question what they hear, what they think they know, and how they think of themselves.  I speak to businesses, civic and social organizations, educational institutions, not-for-profits and business leaders.  One of my major considerations in accepting speaking engagements is whether it will serve a larger benefit to society.  Past experience dictates it’s best for us to discuss your needs to determine an appropriate rate.

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…And Workshops

I am a Certified Trainer of the HeartMath Resilience Advantage program and a consultant to the Arbinger Institute’s world class training programs. I would love to begin a conversation.

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As an advisor, I draw not only on my experience and expertise in business, but on a collaborative of organizations and people called E7. This allows me to bring the right talent to the specific situation unique to each business.  E7 advises on matters  as seemingly diverse as leadership training and development,  health & wellness, communications/ social media creation, transfer of  business interests, capital formation,  investments in entrepreneurial start-ups, and businesses that serve society in a meaningful way. E7 affiliates common thread is their power to energize constructive outcomes to your needs.

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